That’s right, all your favorite players in one place, if you know what I mean.  I look forward to this time of year every year.  Not just the football, but the weather, the food, the friends and the traditions.  The Burch-Long Cockaboose Club has survived several seasons and has become a tradition for those of us lucky enough to participate.  These pictures show the Cockaboose in full swing, thanks to our current resident photographer Hilary.  Stop by, say hi, and get your picture in the books for another great season (we hope) of Carolina Football and the Burch-Long Cockaboose Club.  If you have pictures that you’d like to add, hit my email or burn a disc and get them to Hilary.  Visit us here after every home game, some away games and throughout the year.  Tell your friends where you were this weekend, and when they don’t believe you, show them!  See you at!  Smile....

Oh, and if you want to see pictures from the last couple of years, click here.

If you need to download a picture, use the download link, if you need a picture removed, please use the email link above for immediate action. 


Welcome to another year

of Carolina Football coverage

from the Burch-Long Cockaboose Club